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02 September 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Dr. Singh’s ruling code .


Dr. Singh’s ruling code . Even as the Indian Express broke into the Code that will soon follow the proposed Public Services Bill 2006, it is clear that in Dr. Manmohan Singh we have a Prime Minister who actually wants to leave his mark strongly on governance rather than feebly on history. No previous Prime […]

07 August 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Fight Club Fever


Fight Club Fever After almost a decade of feuding, the Ranbaxy family dispute has finally reached one kind of end. The curtain fell on the bitter family quarrel with Ranbaxy promoter duo Malvinder Singh and Shivinder Singh and the Max Group chairman Analjit Singh agreeing to a settlement over the disputed shares in Ranbaxy, held […]

07 August 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Missions need science counsellors


Missions need science counsellors India’s track record as a scientific stronghold is steadily crumbling into nothingness. With the rest of the world making fast strides into new areas of crucial scientific research, India is at a disadvantage at an initial level because it has only four science counselors in 160 diplomatic missions. A science counselor, […]

10 May 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Top babu job has many contenders


Top babu job has many contenders The sweepstakes for the top job in the country’s bureaucracy, the Cabinet Secretary, are always and inevitably a closely watched exercise. This is one appointment, where Byzantine convolutions tend to dominate. Inevitably, the choice processes, when it comes to the big one, are with most governments unfortunately always full […]

07 May 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Skiing innovation


Skiing innovation Having a hands-on Chief minister like Ghulam Nabi Azad, allows babus with imagination to do things they would normally never dream of doing. Azad recently surprised babus with a dramatic new set of tourism initiatives that surprise, surprise are going to tap Jammu’s potential. Babus who were there till last week have been […]

27 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Jinxed batch or rough patch?


Jinxed batch or rough patch? The Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) babus these days are hitting the headlines quite frequently, albeit for the wrong reasons. While down South the erstwhile Indian envoy to New Zealand Harish Dogra created a flutter by daring to take on the might of the top MEA babu Shyam Saran, up […]

21 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Bank babus sitting pretty


Bank babus sitting pretty North Block had to finally give in to some of the wishes of the striking employee unions of State Bank of India. The week long ‘face off’ had not only subjected the unsuspecting customers to untold misery, but had put numerous critical financial transactions across the banking and the government sector […]

11 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Dalal Street- bound


Dalal Street- bound The Postal babus will soon be following the sensex with more interest than they have ever done in their lives. The North Block, after much debate, has decided to allow the Department of Post (DOP) to deploy funds from its insurance schemes in the stock market through mutual funds. Given their lack […]

05 April 2006 ~ 0 Comments

‘A university for the police’


‘A university for the police’ The idea of introducing some fundamental changes in our police-training infrastructure has remained on the backburner for quite sometime. Though top police babus have long felt that the existing training set up including the ‘much acclaimed’ National Police Academy in Hyderabad is ‘utterly inadequate’, strangely North Block has never given […]

23 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments

‘Hostile babus’


‘Hostile babus’ The Jessica Lall case may even have an unforeseen impact on babus, though its rather serendipitous than real. The reason why ‘corrupt babus’ go scot free even after years of toil by the investigating agencies is that their fellow babus simply refuse to testify against them. These babu witnesses turn hostile even after […]