17 January 2006 ~ 0 Comments

Yes, Minister


Yes, Minister The babu–minister tussle in the Delhi Government is taking an interesting turn. At the center of it lies the “Annual Confidential Reports” (ACRs) of the IAS babus. Delhi being a Union Territory only the Chief Minister and Chief Secretary are endowed with authority to file ACRs. No wonder the IAS babu bunch in the state only recognize ‘two power centers’ – the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary and make every effort to keep them in good humour, but hardly show any concern for their immediate political masters – the Ministers in charge of their respective departments. Ministers of course detest the way the babus neglect their advice and sometimes ignore them completely. Following the furor caused by the disgruntled Ministers during the winter session, the Chief minister has assured her ministers that she will write to the Centre seeking a change in the filing of ACRs. Following the Chief Minister’s assurance, the bureaucratic circle is abuzz that changes are in the offing in the way ACRs are filed today. The babus recognize that Ministers would be allowed to file ACRs in the future. Obviously the disgruntled babus view this change (allowing Ministers to write ACRs) as an ‘irritant’ and claim that it would turn out to be counter productive in the end. The ministers however are surely a happy lot and relish their chance of holding the gun over the head of their babus to make them fall in line.

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