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Gift of the Gab Happy? Go express it


Gift of the Gab Happy? Go express it Spread a little joy, and rake in the attention. If you’re happy and you know it then you really got to show it says Dilip Cherian The articulation of happiness is fraught with as much complexity as its accumulation. The few who do find it largely forget to express their achievement. At least, in a way that the world sees and shares their joy. It’s partially this pathetic incapacity of expression that makes the world crave happiness the way it does. If you don’t make an appropriately happy sound, then you’re doomed. A cheery chirrup will do most times, but a hearty hurrah works best on occasion. But please, practise both these in the mirror first because it can sound ridiculous if not perfectly delivered. It’s a bit like chasing a butterfly. The ‘whoosh’ of charging bull-like usually ensures that the only thing you end up having to catch is your breath. The trick is to make minimal movements, preferably with a casual air. And then having been lucky enough to have captured it, to enjoy the brilliance of the colours and the sheer exquisiteness of the captive creature. Chat lightly about being happy in the pursuit of the moment. Throw in just that bit of extra conviction and voila, you have it. The contrarian rule of the world is: more is usually given to those who have. So grin away SMILING, HAPPY FACES This may hurt a bit, but there is a golden rule for those moments when you can’t possibly chat lightly. Even when you are in pain within, look happy or at least attempt to. There’s never a season when the unhappy look is in. Only supermodels are professionally excused. For them, apparently, that pained look is a desirable fashion accessory. It doesn’t work for anybody else. Try this at home when you wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and beam widely at yourself, preferably spontaneously. While this may disconcert whosoever you’ve been sleeping with, especially if it’s the Enemy, it will instantaneously up your happiness quotient. It works all the time. Remember, the contrarian rule of the world is: more is usually given to those who have. So grin away and you will become a natural happiness multiplier. Need proof? Watch any beauty parade and you will notice that the girl who has the widest grin usually ends up with the crown on her head. (And when the crown finally arrives, don’t forget to double wallop your face in that mixture of horror-and-mock-surprise look. And hope to God that all the lies you trotted out about wanting to be like Mother Teresa will be forgiven.) Dress happy and hint cleavage. And even if you grew up as a card-carrying-commie, for heaven’s sake, forsake those sorry wraparound weeds. Vegetable dyes and earth colours are as passe as fur for today’s happy brigade. If you can, add a feather in your hair or, better still, in your ears. Or juxtapose the incongruous and carry it off with panache. One touch is all that’s allowed. More could make you either look ridiculous or make others very happy! You don’t want that either. Happy therapy also has another secret ingredient. It’s about turning around: and querying the kindred soul. Most people are befuddled into thinking that some misguided soul who asked them intelligent – or even banal questions – is actually as intelligent as they think they are (which, naturally, is extremely high). This is an amazing flipping sequence that almost nobody is immune from. GET THEM TALKING So if you ask people about the secret story of their cheery selves, they are usually foolish enough to embark on a delusional daydream just to live up to your expectations. In addition, they are often left with the lingering impression that they have encountered somebody truly happy. Guaranteed for making you a conversational people-magnet because of the happy vibes you’re bound to exude. The bonus to you of course is that you pick up little clues that you can put to use. Remember there is always lots left to learn in this business. The author is a Delhi-based image consultant

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