03 October 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Law & the jungle

Law & the jungle Environment and forests minister Jayanthi Natarajan’s crackdown on corrupt officials in the forest department has babu circles buzzing. Though barely two months old in the ministry, Ms Natarajan has already acted against three senior forest officials. The most recent instance is the transfer of an inspector general of forests, C.D. Singh, who was in the Forest Advisory Committee (FAC), and two other babus for fudging documents to give clearance for a hydel power project in Himachal Pradesh. Mr Singh and his cohorts now also face a vigilance inquiry. The Singh episode comes close on the heels of the transfer of the chief conservator of forests in Bhopal A.K. Raina for allegedly flouting rules and withholding information from the government. Hopefully, Ms Natarajan’s tough cop posturing is not a one-off instance but a measure that is here to stay.

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