29 August 2011 ~ 0 Comments

Performance pain

Performance pain Wonder how this will sit with the Finance Minister’s revived austerity drive. Mounting government expenditure has have made Pranab-da issue a circular on austerity to be observed by Central government ministries, a throwback to the situation in 2008-09. But it’s not clear whether the austerity drive will now put a stop to performance review activities of ministries. According to sources, the government has discovered that the review of performances of the various ministries is a rather expensive affair. Apparently every meeting of the ad hoc task force set up for the task costs several lakhs of rupees. In fact, the government specially created a department for performance management in the Cabinet Secretariat to review ministries. Babu-watchers are closely watching to see if Mr Mukherjee’s call for fiscal discipline will affect the department’s functioning. Any guesses?

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