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‘A university for the police’


‘A university for the police’ The idea of introducing some fundamental changes in our police-training infrastructure has remained on the backburner for quite sometime. Though top police babus have long felt that the existing training set up including the ‘much acclaimed’ National Police Academy in Hyderabad is ‘utterly inadequate’, strangely North Block has never given enough thought to the issue. The 22-lakh national police force continues to grapple with enormously complex, and sometimes completely unrelated tasks with its serious training handicaps. Its responsibilities today go far beyond maintenance of law and order and now include terrorism, insurgency, and economic crime and VIP security to name a few of the dominant demand drivers. The diversity of the tasks of course demand more training than is available to the police babus at the moment. Additional Director General in the BSF, Mahendra Kumawat has just presented a concept paper to the Home Minister suggesting the establishment of a National Police University. If the enlightened babu’s suggestion finally gets the nod of the North Block, the University would go onto to offer not only a 3-year degree programme but Post Graduate and Phd research programmes as well. Over and above the standard university academic programmes it will also be introducing mid-level training programmes targeted of DIG rank as well. Now that the Shivraj Patil has given an appreciative nod to the BSF babu’s highly academic presentation, North Block will soon be seriously deliberating over the issue to give it a final shape. But this is just the kind of mega project that could hit a giant roadblock of IAS egos. So keep watching this space.

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