15 March 2006 ~ 0 Comments



E-age Kashmirs babus are shocked that Ghulam Nabi Azad is turning out to be quite a tech-savvy Chief Minister. The State Secretariat babus, much to their chargin, got some idea about his love for technology early in the day when he first floated the idea of putting in place a sophisticated biometric ‘access control systems’ to keep a tab on the latecomers. Now Azad has turned his attention to other spheres of administration and exploring opportunities for technology applications to provide a more transparent, corruption free administration. First on his agenda is an electronic payment system for all transactions of government to weed out the middlemen. Azad feels that this would help reduce personal interface of the people with the government to the minimum and make the system more impersonal. A working group is being set up in collaboration with the J&K Bank to work out the modalities. Azad is also intent on taking all government tenders to the web to make the system of government procurement more open and credible. Doing away with stamps with a demat system also appears high on his priority list. E-transfers, e-tendering of course are meant to create a more transparent system. But the state babus, long used to personal mediation and manipulation of the physical transaction systems for private gains may not give in that easily to the e-governance ideas of their political boss. So Azad’s priority in the coming days will as much lie in stitching together an e-governance system as in buying babu concurrence to it.

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