02 September 2019 ~ 0 Comments

DD tries to stay relevant

For many years now, especially since the advent of digital media, Doordarshan, the state broadcaster, has been trading on nostalgia. Its efforts to stay relevant have been hampered by successive governments that have shown reluctance to unleash the broadcaster from their clutches. Now there seems to be yet another move to keep the old broadcaster alive and ticking. According to sources, DD will be restructured to turn its creative functions into a special vertical for content operations. Apparently, a search and select committee for this purpose has been created. It is headed by Prasar Bharati chairman A Surya Prakash, who has been authorized to select suitable professionals for the role of chief content officer and channel heads. The Chief Content Officer will be responsible for the content functions and operations across the Doordarshan network and will align with the goals of Prasar Bharati. Content Heads will manage individual channels. Will we see considerable changes (read improvement) in the content of the national and regional channels of DD? Few would bet on it.

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