06 August 2019 ~ 0 Comments

TN babus divided over circular

The recent circular issued by Tamil Nadu chief secretary K Shanmugam to make babus more responsive has met with a decidedly mixed response. It was certainly not the response he would have expected from the district magistrates and collectors in the state. Sources say that Mr Shanmugam has spelt out a 10-point plan to improve local administration. The plan instructs the district magistrates and collectors to do more field visits, pay special attention to agriculture and allied activities, focus on economic development of rural areas, especially housing, and promote water conservation in their areas. However, a section of babus sees the plan as an intrusion into the political space. They argue that they are already doing these activities and are accountable for their performance through multi-layered screening procedures. But others support the chief secretary’s initiative and believe it to be a good step. They point out that a better system of oversight, such as the one suggested by Mr Shanmugam, can help babus avoid being caught in public controversies.

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