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SC on excessive babu ‘bias’

SC on excessive babu ‘bias’ The Supreme Court has questioned the propensity of the government to fill posts of information commissioners for the Central Information Commission (CIC) and state information commissions with mostly bureaucrats. It said the selection of Information Commissioners for the CIC and State ICs should include people of eminence from various fields and not be limited to bureaucrats, a “bias” which is “writ large” in the current selection process. The court urged states to adopt the process adopted by the Centre in which it uploads on the website the names of the Search Committee, the names of the candidates who have been shortlisted as well as the criteria which is followed for selection. It has now directed the Centre and eight states – West Bengal, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, Nagaland, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, and Karnataka – to fill up the vacancies without any delay within a period of one month to six months. It also urged that the process for filling up of a vacancy be initiated one to two months before the date on which the vacancy is likely to occur so that there is not much time lag between the occurrence of vacancy and filling up of the said vacancy. The court further added that it would also be appropriate for the Search Committee to make the criteria for shortlisting the candidates’ public so that it is ensured that shortlisting is done based on objective and rational criteria.

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