08 February 2019 ~ 0 Comments

Mayawati’s presence on Twitter could increase her followers or shatter the enigma around her

Mayawati has always had twin political hallmarks. The first, her legendry ability to turn her support base into votes for her and her party, BSP; the second, her enigmatic inaccessibility. So, when Mayawati chooses to ascend into the portals of Twitter, it is a significant moment. Yes, both for her and for Twitter. The question that is to be asked now is: will her following grow or will her enigma be shattered? Mayawati joining Twitter is a validation that in the new age of politics, being able to broadcast your messages without the need for interpreters of your maladies is an advantage that needs to be taken. But has Mayawati’s decision come too late or will her arrival, like the formal entry of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra into politics, be seen in hindsight as a move made just in time? Given the almost finality of the battle that Mayawati is waging this time, clearly every tool matters and every bit of leverage helps. Of course, a lot will depend on how cleverly her handle is managed and how swiftly her troops man the ramparts of Fort BSP. What many could wonder now, of course, is if Mayawati would also choose to embrace Instagram.

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