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Babu Scientist nexus


Babu Scientist nexus Following vociferous protests from the ICSSR researchers over appointment of bureaucrats as Member Secretary (MS) of the premier institution, the government has decided to appoint a new MS from the academic fraternity. Prof T.S. Anant of Delhi School of Economics will shortly be taking over as the new MS. In fact the ICSSR scientists were fed up with the way the babus appointed to the MS position kept frittering away precious funds of the apex social sciences research body. They claim that the elite institute’s woes started in 2001 when an IAS officer of 1975 batch Bhasker Chatterjee was appointed the Member Secretary by then NDA government. Even though the UPA government pretended to believe that academic excellence and professional competence is the sole criteria for appointment to bodies like the ICSSR, it chose to stick to the golden rule and appointed another IAS officer from the 1978 batch Atrindra Sen to the post. He continued to indulge in the ways of his predecessor during the short span of five months he stayed on the top. The funds, which should have been used for academic projects, were wasted in a frivolous manner. Exit of the IAS babus however didn’t mean an end to the elite organization’s woes. V K Mehta, an internal candidate already on an extension took over after Sen quit. His detractors claimed that Mehta’s appointment violates Service Rule 18 of the ICSSR, which states that the services of a person cannot be extended and he has to be appointed afresh on contract. In their representation to the HRD Ministry the ICSSR researchers pointed out that Mehta has made 48 foreign trips and a similar number of domestic trips even though the ICSSR is pressed for funds for projects. Now that an academician will be taking over as the Member Secretary one hopes the woes of the elite institute will finally end.

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