02 February 2006 ~ 0 Comments

IPRA Conference, Jan. 22-23, 2006 at Cairo


Conferring in Cairo on the subject of truth sounds absurd enough. But public relations makes actually good bed-fellows with truth. Also discovering that Egyptians routinely eat cold rotis makes you wonder about the great civilization. For those who need to know about ground realities, the sense of disbelief about political policies and the truth about elections just never seems to suffice. Where is the Islamic brotherhood? But for those who don’t look at politics gazing at the silent fig and gasping at Tutankamen’s Mummy is awesome enough. And seeing the pyramids come around corner of a crowded city just never seizes to amaze. 4000 yrs cheek by jowl with everyday living! [img]http://www.dilipcherian.com/pics/pr_spc.jpg[/img] On the dias are: Mr. John Defterios, FBC, Dilip Cherian, Mr. David Senay, Mr. Richard Lining and Mr. Nicholas Archer

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